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If you are looking for a paranormal group to assist you please send us a message. If you are outside of our area, please check the list below for a team close to you.

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Ohio Ghost Hunters EVP Investigations
Serving Lorain County, OH
Annie Carissimi
We are a well know paranormal investigative and research team. We have been featured on Fox 8 News a few times. I am an EVP specialist and spiritual medium, but I back up my findings with hard evidence such as class “A” EVP and photography. In addition I do quite a bit of research on the most haunted and difficult to solve locations and homes. My curiosity drives me and I have been doing this since 1985/86. My right hand man is Frank Horvath, he is a former Ohio State reformatory investigation specialist and has been featured on the Syfy channel’s “Ghost Hunter”. Together with our team we have solved some of the most baffling hauntings, historic and new. We not only investigate the paranormal we dig deep for the reason.

Campbell County Paranormal Research
Areas served Kentucky, Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, West Virginia and Tennessee primarily. Illinois, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Maryland, DC, South Carolina & Louisiana secondarily
Our purpose is to provide clientele with accurate, thorough, discreet and professional documentation and research specific to your paranormal circumstances. We only use a client's name on our website if permission is granted and we never charge any fee for our services. We use a vast array of state of the art equipment, as well as " old school " techniques to gather evidence of phenomenon at your location. We review and evaluate all findings for non-paranormal causes to provide only valid evidence of activity for your review and peace of mind. Only our lead investigators analyze the obtained data to ensure only valid evidence is presented to our clients at the reveal. Reveal evidence must be approved by all leads for submission to the client.

Alabama Paranormal Association

Serving Alabama, surrounding TN and GA
Alabama's Top leading professional paranormal research and investigation team.

Blount County Paranormal
Serving Central Alabama
We are a completely non-profit team of paranormal investigators based in Central Alabama,we do not and will not charge anyone seeking our assistance.Our focus as a team is to help those in need while seeking answers through science and evidence.

Central Ohio Paranormal Research Group
Serving Ohio, eastern half of Pennsylvania, western have of Indiana, and most of Kentucky.
We are a not for profit group and do not charge any fees for our services. Nor do we take or accept any donations. We handle all case types and have handled many demonic cases. Our mission is to better educate ourselves so we may better educate our clients who turn to us for our help, and to further advance the field of paranormal research.

Greenville Paranormal
Serving Greenville, TN and the Tri-Cities area
We are an organization of investigators who take the scientific approach to supposed haunted places. We use every means capable to disprove activity. After collecting many hours of evidence we scrutinize it carefully. When we have gone over everything and there is something we can not explain we try to recreate the occurrence. If we are not able to recreate the events only then will we categorize it as paranormal.

Kentucky Paranormal
Serving Central and Southern Kentucky
Our goal is to help those that are experiencing paranormal activity in their homes or businesses. We try to collect as much evidence as we can from a location, either to support or to disprove (debunk) the so called paranormal activity

Research Institute of the Paranormal
Serving NC, SC, GA, East T
N & VA
Research Institute of the Paranormal (R.I.P.) is dedicated to investigating unknown and unexplained phenomenon in a scientific manner. We will remain unbiased during each investigation so that our own opinions to not affect the findings. In addition, we will not manipulate photos in any way in order to get "evidence" of an anomaly. Photos have been enhanced for clarification only.

Fulton County Paranormal Investigations
Serving KY, TN, MO, IL
We are here to serve the client. We are free of charge. We are here to give you a better understanding on what could be happening inside your home.

Critter Creek Paranormal
Serving Charleston, West Virginia and Kanawha County
Critter Creek Paranormal was formed in 2011 as a means for like minded people to explore their interest in researching paranormal activities as a hobby in a more scientific way. By taking a scientific “best practices” approach in our investigations we hope to better identify, document and analyze events to validate or disprove any paranormal activity.

Fringe Paranormal
Serving NW Ohio and SE Michigan
Fringe Paranormal investigates all areas of the paranormal with an emphasis on ghosts and hauntings. While we mainly investigate in the Ohio and Michigan area we remain open to other areas. We also make ourselves available to the media and to answer any questions about the unknown or consult with other teams.

Shadow Hunters Paranormal Investigations
Serving Virginia, Maryland, North Carolina, West Virginia, Kentucky
Shadow Hunters Paranormal Investigations is a non-profit paranormal research and investigative team. Based in Roanoke, Virginia. We offer all clients investigations, support, consults, and referrals as needed. We do this in an effort to bring understanding to clients regarding the possible activity taking place in their location. We provide reports at the close of every investigation and review all collected evidence with our clients. We also maintain communication with clients throughout the investigative process. All investigations and information obtained during investigations will be kept confidential unless otherwise expressed by our clients in writing. Our goal is to provide solid investigations with acceptable conclusions.

Ohio Paranormal Posse
Serving Ohio and all surrounding states
We conduct all investigation with a scientific approach and will never call something paranormal without trying to debunk the cause of the evidence we capture.

Central Alabama Paranormal Society
Serving Jefferson, Shelby, St. Clair, Cullman, Walker, Bibb, Etowah counties
The main mission of this organization is to research and investigate paranormal phenomena. We take all requests for our investigation services seriously. Our investigators have experience in investigating the paranormal. Some investigations will turn up explainable answers to occurrences taking place, and some investigations will show unexplainable activity.